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Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, lasting a few days to more than a few months, feel comforted that your needs are truly served here at Lily Residence.

We understand the needs of the traveling executives like yourself, and have made every effort to make your stay a pleasurable and seamless experience. Lily Residence prides itself with it's multi-lingual staff that can communicate with you without the need for a translator, making you feel at home instantly.

Our staff look forward to meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations for a truly exceptional experience. Simple yet elegant decor, set in a quiet neighborhood, LILY RESIDENCE is your home

retreat away from the tiresome work and hectic Bangkok lifestyle. Should you need to do some shopping, purchase some foods and refreshments, or catch the latest blockbuster movie however, know that everything is only a few minutes away.

Come stay with us and relax in the LILY RESIDENCE way.

We have almost 20 years experience in the serviced apartment business. Our other fully furnished apartment is Lily House in Soi Sukhumvit 23. Lily House Serviced Apartment offers families a great residence in the city of Bangkok and is really the perfect place for you and your family. Please read on to see what we mean.

Ideal Location

Not only is Lily House located in downtown Bangkok City of Angels, but it can be further thought to be the epicenter of expat community as well. If you were to look at a map for the best in dining, shopping,entertainment, retail outlets, public transportation (BTS Skytrain, MRT Subway), you would undoubtedly clearly see that Lily House is surrounded by the best there is.

The convenience, variety, and excitement that city life has to offer will surely keep every member of the family well occupied.

Peace and serenity is at also available here.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, however, is extremely important. Being able to sleep through the night without disturbing traffic is a pleasure that everyone seeks.

At Lily House, there is serenity in the immediate environment that allows you to escape into your private sanctuary. In the evening, you will actually be able to hear birds chirp and the night sky will light up with stars.

Yasunari Nakagomi

The art of living at its finest, Lily Residence brings the best of contemporary art pieces to you. The works of Japanese artist Yasunari Nakagomi, whose masterpieces are exhibited at hotels and galleries worldwide, offer a different ambience of lifestyle at the gallery of the residence. Meditation being his mantra, his contemporary work is minimalistic but meaningful. Plain, simple yet strong on impact, these pictures will put you in a peaceful mood as soon as you enter the gallery hall.

"The act of meditation is to harness our ever powerful mind to function together with all other human senses therefore creating a free flow of energy. Visual artists can be said to be in a meditative state when truly creating.

"It is an inner state, suspended like a floating cloud where I control the movement - pressure and speed of my loaded Japanese wide brush or squeegee. This process might run twelve hours or more and it is in my decisive control to discover the moment to stop. I call my paintings pictures of high spirituality.

"Translated in Japanese, I recently read Mark Rothko's writings entitled, "The Artist's Reality - Philosophies of Art" where I was struck by the similarities in his and my own thinking.

"I would like to create these kind of artistic sensual paintings like a meditation ecstatic sense."

Yasunari Nakagomi

"Yasunari Nakagomi dares to seek his quest of answers to the questions posed within his art works by seeking the impossible of the constantly changing society’s view and perception of truth."

Roger McKean Bazeley.

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